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MAZAL TOV on your upcoming wedding day!

Ketubah size: 23 x 23 inch

This is a Unique and elegant paper cut ketubah is for you to keep as a lifetime memory from your most special day. And the perfect wedding vows picture for you!

It is a cutout of Jerusalem. The gates surrounding the old city, The western wall, the Windmill, Menorah, David’s tower, The Ramban’s Synagogue AKA the “Hurva Synagogue” , the Homes of Jerusalem, Leafs, flowers, and swirls.

With a print of Sunflowers and blue background.

Around the print there is a cut out of leaves combined with the Hebrew words “Ani Ledodi Vedodi Li” -I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine, that is Gilded with 24k Gold to give a look of a Jewel on the paper

The Background is a high-quality print of watercolors I have painted.

This Ketuba will be customized with your names, location, and wedding date.

We could use one of your standard texts or you could send us your own text.

Our Ketubahs are cut out on fine art paper of the highest quality and the text and flower circle is printed on Gicle Museum art paper.

The ketubah is cut on 100% acid free paper

The Ketubah comes matted, frame is NOT included for this particular product

Please choose one of the text options that will be cut out around the text:

* I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine

* I have found the one whom my soul loves

* The grapes of a vine with the grapes of (another) vine, (which is) something fine and acceptable”

After ordering your ketubah please fill in the “ketubah order form”. You could find it under “About


20×20 inch, 23.6X23.6 inch


24K Gold, Gold paint, No Gold

Background color

Watercolor Blue, Watercolor Blue&Burgundy, Watercolor Blue+Gray, Watercolor Burgundy, Watercolor Gray, Watercolor Green, Watercolor Purple, Watercolor Purple + Blue, watercolor silver+gold, Watercolor Turquoise + Blue


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