O Tree, O tree, How should I bless you


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*The frame in the photo is for illustrative purposes only.

This is a Beautiful unique Paper cut on archival paper. A perfect gift for parents, grandparents that will draw gasps of wonder from all who behold it!
You could personalize this paper cut by adding a sentence on the bottom
Up to 40 characters for free, for a longer sentence an additional $30

This unique paper cut has the song  “אילן, אילן במה אברכך…. ” “Tree, tree, where with can I bless thee? ”
Translation to the song on the paper cut:
The Gemara relates: When they were taking leave of one another, Rav Naḥman said to Rabbi Yitzḥak: Master, give me a blessing. Rabbi Yitzḥak said to him: I will tell you a parable. To what is this matter comparable? It is comparable to one who was walking through a desert and who was hungry, tired, and thirsty. And he found a tree whose fruits were sweet and whose shade was pleasant, and a stream of water flowed beneath it. He ate from the fruits of the tree, drank from the water in the stream, and sat in the shade of the tree.
And when he wished to leave, he said: Tree, tree, with what shall I bless you? If I say to you that your fruits should be sweet, your fruits are already sweet; if I say that your shade should be pleasant, your shade is already pleasant; if I say that a stream of water should flow beneath you, a stream of water already flows beneath you. Rather, I will bless you as follows: May it be Gods will that all saplings which they plant from you be like you. So it is with you. With what shall I bless you? If I bless you with Torah, you already have Torah; if I bless you with wealth, you already have wealth; if I bless you with children, you already have children. Rather, may it be God’s will that your offspring shall be like you.

– Paper cut Size with matting: 15×15 inch
– Paper cut with frame: 16 x 16 inch
– Acid-free paper


Gold Frame, Matted, Silver Frame, White Frame

Color Background

Beige, Blue, Burgundy, Gold, Gold leaf, Light blue, Navy blue, Pearl, Silver


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