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The Woman of Valor, called Eshet Chayil in Hebrew, is a hymn that is customarily recited on Friday evenings, after returning from the synagogue and singing “Shalom Aleichem” and before sitting down to the Shabbat evening meal.
Eshet Chayil is a twenty-two verse poem with which King Solomon concludes the book of Proverbs (Proverbs 31). The poem has an acrostic arrangement in which the verses begin with the letters of the Hebrew alphabet in regular order. The poem describes the woman of valor as one who is energetic, righteous, and capable.

In this paper cut are the words: Many women have done well, but you surpass them all”

This Woman of valor paper cut makes a wonderful housewarming gift to the wife, anniversary, grandmother, Mothers Day, and more.

* Available in Hebrew or English 
* This Eshet Chayil is sold either with a frame or only matted

*Size of paper cut 10/10 inch

* Background colors:

– Blue+Navy
– Gold+Gold leaf
– Silver+Gray

I love to make custom orders. If you are looking for something special, just contact me, and we can work out the details.

To best preserve and display your artwork, please consider custom framing by a professional framer.
Professional framing will enhance and beautify your artwork and ensure that it is well-protected for years to come.

Woman Of Valor Farmed Judaica Paper Cut Art, Eshet Chayil Jewish Wall Art Decor


Gold Frame, Matted, Silver Frame, White Frame


Blue+ Navy, gold+gold leaf, silver+gray


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