My story

Art has been part of my life since the day I was born and so it was only natural that I started making Paper cuts from my apertment in Jerusalem when I was still in my early twenties. I was a Graphic design artist then and during the day I would work in a graphic studio and then come home and work late nights drawing and cutting in my apartment. Then eventually I decided of the opening of my studio in 2007.

I specialize in creating works of hand-cut and laser-cut ketubahs, Challah boards, home blessings and all the perfect and unique gifts for all occasions and holidays for the Jewish home.

I have developed a NEW and Unique style of Paper cuts that is Specialized to me. I have turned my paper cuts into Applied Art so they could decorate the Jewish home. The new items include a Challah cutting Board, Seder plate, Candle Lighting Board and plenty more that are being developed these days.

In addition my paper cuts include beautiful pictures that add beauty to the house and the Jewish home: Ketubah / wedding vows, home blessings, Chamsa (a wall hanging that is superstitious defense against the evil eye), Mizrach ("east" is the direction that most Jews face during prayer), Children Blessings, Candle light Blessing, Woman of Valor ( eshet Chail) and the Menora.

My art work is the most suitable gift for any occasion, Wedding gift, gift for the home, anniversary, bar/bat mitzvah, baby birth or just for the loved one.
My Custom made paper cuts combine paper cutting, calligraphy and hand paints that could be purchased as original hand cuts or laser cuts.

You are welcome to come and visit me in my studio in Hashmonaim that's on the way to Jerusalem.