What is a Ketubah?

Simply put, the Ketubah is a marriage contract that Jewish law requires the groom to give his bride on their wedding day. It lays out the husband’s financial obligations to his wife in case of divorce or widowhood, proving protection for the woman. We like to think of it as an ancient Jewish prenuptial agreement, way ahead of its time! It is considered an integral part of a traditional Jewish marriage…and wedding ceremony.

Today’s Ketubahs

Over the centuries, Ketubahs have also become works of art, elevated from simple contracts to gorgeous expressions of love and care, of the vows that the newly married couple makes. 

At Noa Attias Judaica, we are happy to provide the Ketubah for Jewish wedding ceremonies of all types: Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Interfaith and Non-Denominational.

We also have created customized, artistic wedding contracts for Muslims and non-Jewish couples.

Your wedding day is THE MOST IMPORTANT day in your adult life and is the beginning of a new and happy stage. The Ketubah spells out the nature of your commitment while celebrating the unique facts of your love.

Choosing the Text

There are a number of standard texts for you to choose from, depending on your Jewish denomination or personal preference. If you don’t want to use one of these options, we are happy for you to send us your own personal, meaningful vows to be inserted into the Ketubah.

Before choosing your Ketubah text, you must check with your officiant to find out whether you need a specific type of text for your type of ceremony. Some officiants require very specific texts to ensure that your Ketubah adheres to their particular religious and denominational restraints. Because the Ketubah is a religious document, as well as a binding contract between the couple, it is very important that you review and confirm any options with your officiant before making your selection.

Traditional texts:

For Orthodox weddings, we use the text published by the RCA (Rabbinical Council of America.) Our Conservative text — which includes the Lieberman clause — is published by the RA (Rabbinical Assembly).

Orthodox Ashkenazi offered by Rabbinical Council of America  

Orthodox Sepharadi offered by Rabbinical Council of America     

Orthodox Ashkenazi offered by Rabbinical Council of London  

Orthodox Ashkenazi offered by Rabbinical Council of Israel  

Orthodox Sepharadic offered by Rabbinical Council of Israel  



Modern Reform

Conservative with Lieberman Clause From the Conservative Movement’s Rabbinical Assembly

Modern Texts:

Modern A

Modern B

Modern Traditional Egalitarian Aramic (Rabbi Kelman’s text)



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