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Unique & Customized Papercut Ketubahs


Alongside the designs you see in my Ketubah collection, I also work directly with couples to create Original custom hand cut Ketubahs . 


We will work together from the first sketch to the final papercut Based on your vision, I will create for you a beautiful and unique papercut Ketubah inspired by your dream and incorporate meaningful details into the design.


My custom ketubahs are entirely handcrafted hand cuts which include everything from the design planning, background painting, 24Kgold gilding with an option of elegant Hebrew & English calligraphy


Custom ketubahs start at $3500 

If you choose Calligraphy it is an additional $1000


How does it work


Step 1- Design Concept


Fill in the questionnaire here so I get to know you better.


The questionnaire will include your names, wedding date, phone number, email and specific requests such as styleinspirations and ideas or anything you want to share with me to let me know you and your vision better.


If you have seen any designs of mine you liked you could copy the link and attach it to the questionnaire


Step 2 – Meeting you


After you sent me the questionnaire we will schedule a video chat either by zoom or via whatsapp so we get to know each other a little bit more and define your Ketubah vision


Step 3- making it official


Once we have met each other and I have an idea of design/complexity, I will be able to provide you with a quote.


I will send over a secure first payment link and we are good to go


Please note: I charge 50% in advance and then when the ketubah is done and ready to be shipped the rest of the payment.


Meanwhile I will need you to work on the text form here and choose the text you want here


Step 3 – Lets start


I will create a rough sketch based on our initial consultation


Once we confirm the design and you are happy, I am then able to use your order form to format your text digitally, ready to be printed or start the hand calligraphy. If you chose a printed text, Together with your rabbi you will review the mockup and we will refine it until its good to print


If you choose Calligraphy I will write it out and send a scan for you and your Rabbi to review.


Step 4 – The Cutting


Finally, once both the design and text are confirmed I will start cutting.


You are welcome to follow and feel part of the process of my cutting on my instagram and facebook in stories and reels


If you want to be tagged please let me know and I will tag you so you could save the stories as a memory


Once I am done the art is shipped via DHL express, or collected from my studio in Israel.


Please note:  All custom papercut Ketubahs are original handcuts, they are cut on highest quality papers and materials- either 175 or 250 G , anti-acid archival paper and painted with either watercolor or gouache for the background. I then use foam board to have the papercut raised from the background so there is a shadow effect and matt it in the studio with anti-acid matting to have it ready to be displayed beautifully under your Chuppah and then ready to be framed.


All my Ketubahs are shipped flat.

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